Information on weather warnings

2018/09/10 11:28

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A weather advisory/warning has been issued.

* indicates newly announced warnings.
Kobe:Heavy rain
Toyooka:Heavy rain

Nishinomiya:Heavy rain
Ashiya:Heavy rain
Itami:Heavy rain
Takarazuka:Heavy rain
Kawanishi:Heavy rain
Sanda:Heavy rain
Inagawa:Heavy rain
Akashi:Heavy rain
Kakogawa:Heavy rain
Takasago:Heavy rain
Inami:Heavy rain
Miki:Heavy rain
Ono:Heavy rain
Kasai:Heavy rain
Kato:Heavy rain
Himeji:Heavy rain
Tatsuno:Heavy rain
Taishi:Heavy rain
Kamikawa:Heavy rain
Ichikawa:Heavy rain
Fukusaki:Heavy rain
Shiso:Heavy rain
Sayo:Heavy rain
Nishiwaki:Heavy rain
Taka:Heavy rain
Sasayama:Heavy rain
Tamba:Heavy rain
Sumoto:Heavy rain
Minamiawaji:Heavy rain
Awaji:Heavy rain
Kami:Heavy rain
Shinonsen:Heavy rain
Yabu:Heavy rain
Asago:Heavy rain

The above warnings were released.

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