Information on weather warnings in the Hyogo area

2011/09/16 22:06

A weather advisory/warning has been issued.

* indicates newly announced warnings.
Himeji:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Aioi:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Tatsuno:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Ako:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Taishi:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Kamigori:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Shiso:Heavy rain*/Flood*
Sayo:Heavy rain*/Flood*

The above warnings were released.
Beware of rising river levels.

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● ひめじ防災ネット:姫路市の防災関連情報

● ひょうご防災ネット:兵庫県内・姫路市内の気象警報・震度情報などを配信